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The Power of Packaging: Luke Skywalker (1995)

Kenner's original Star Wars packaging is arguably one of the most influential and imitated styles in action figure marketing. The combination of a strong header design along with a large photo reference of the character became the de facto layout for many an 80s toy line. I'd argue that the success of Hasbro's reborn GI …

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Lumpy (son of Chewbacca) Cardback

It's Life Day, True Believers, and what better way to celebrate the Wookieest of holidays with one the coolest Star Wars Holiday Special related items this side of Kashyyk? Artist and writer extraordinaire Tim Baron created a custom carded bootleg of Chewie's favorite son Lumpy a while back. While I missed out on the figure, …

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Ric Olie Mountain Dew Can (1999)

You just can't overstate how saturated the market was with Episode I product back in 1999. PepsiCo, with its snack and fast food empire of Frito Lay and Kentucky Fried Pizza Bell, was flush with Star Wars tie-ins. As crazy as some of the fast food premiums were, I don't think they hold a candle …

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Obi-Wan Kenobi (2007 Comic Pack)

The keyword for this Obi-Wan figure is unique. Based on his appearance in issue 55 of the Republic comic series, Kenobi is also useful as an Episode II representation. He's rocking the Attack of the Clones era mullet, to be sure. Most of the AOTC figures from the initial 2002 series depicted him sans cloak, …

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Captivating Cover: The White Witch – A Droid Adventure

I have to say it: I'm Droids obsessed. My interest in this most ignored bit of Star Wars entertainment began way back in 1985. At the time, my interest in Star Wars toys was waning, replaced by the surging GI Joe: A Real American Hero line. In my mind, Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander were …

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