CZ-4 (2007)

I know what you’re thinking: slow down with the awesome figures everyone wants to see—you’re gonna run out of them fast! Well, too bad. Everybody loves CZ-4, don’t they? Personally I love CZ-3, but this isn’t him exactly. Or is it? If you look closely during the Jabba’s Palace scenes during Return of the Jedi, you’ll spot this droid. If you look closely at the post-cantina streets of Mos Eisley scene in Star Wars, you’ll spot this droid as well. If you’re not picky about continuity in your action figures you can use it as either one. Bonus!

This guy’s deco takes the used universe concept to a new level. When I grabbed the figure out of storage I wondered for a moment whether my kids had at some point buried underneath a pile of used brake pads in my garage. He’s decorated with a variety of grime, oil and rust that’s really impressive.

In addition to his level of dirtyness, the figure is amazingly well sculpted and highly articulated, especially for a protocol droid mold. The 30th anniversary line started to take the extra steps toward super articulation that had been percolating in phases since the Saga and OTC years.

One thought on “CZ-4 (2007)

  1. This guy seriously creeps me out. Especially the one (CZ-3?) flopping around in the Jawa’s Sandcrawler. Of course, it’s a great figure, and can actually hold weapons to boot! I forget if the RA-7s can, but C-3PO figures are always in karate-chop mode.


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