First Order Walker Driver (2018)

I have to admit that although I miss super-articulated Star Wars figures, many of the Last Jedi series have impressed me. Okay, so this guy is really just a repainted Force Awakens Snowtrooper figure, but I find the new deco adds some interesting contrast to what was pretty much an all-white uniform. I don’t recall seeing the walker drivers in the film, but the Snowtroopers did show up during the battle of Crait. I guess that’s why this figure is included in the Crait battle pack. Grey and white certainly brings to mind the AT-AT drivers of old, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Since this is my first entry covering a modern 5POA figure, I guess I should address the Bantha in the room. My thoughts on the articulation discussion go like this: What a figure loses in articulation it can gain in realism. There’s a fine line between the two, as a static statue of a toy can look exactly like its real-life counterpart, yet miss the playability that comes with increased poseability. Since Hasbro’s modern highly-articulated Star Wars figures haven’t followed a common construction a la GI Joe, the balance could vary from figure to figure. Of course, with the main line’s current five points of articulation, such things aren’t a factor. But if you appreciate consistency among your figures, the most recent toys might attract you.

4 thoughts on “First Order Walker Driver (2018)

  1. For me, there are cases where 5 POA are good enough. The Rogue One Admiral Raddus comes to mind. He’s just about perfect because all he’s ever going to do is stand there. I’m less forgiving for troopers, though. I have a multitude of SA Clones from the 2000’s and no two are posed alike. But, the trooper armor also lends itself to hidden joints and, generally, solid figures. For other characters, too much articulation just turns them into a visual mess.

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  2. This rather lazy repaint mesmerized me. It could be the AT-AT Driver throwback, but whatever, I really like this figure. The sculpting and detail transfer are so impressive in the past couple years that I’ve bought many 5POA figures. Lack of alternatives has contributed, but the Rogue One Stormtroopers look so much better than the last super articulated Stormtrooper figures. I just wish they could hold a rifle.

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    1. I agree—I’ve been watching the 5POA figs since the Bespin Battle pack that showed up in the Clone Wars days. Loved the yellow-haired Bespin Like homage in that one.


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