Queen Amidala Coruscant (1999)

There are some 90s Star Wars figures that still hold up against their more modern counterparts. While articulation improved throughout the 2000s, sculpt and paint details were pretty spot on by the time of Episode I. Case in point is Coruscant Amidala, or Ram Horn Hairdo Amidala, or Neck Injury Amidala. All kidding aside, I have always found the character’s many costume changes interesting, particularly the more elaborate designs.

Going back to the 70s and 80s, there’s one thing we’ve known about outfits and main characters; that they’ll eventually get an action figure. It only makes sense from a toy marketing standpoint. You want to keep your main heroes and villains on the shelves in some way, and Star Wars has obliged by changing getups with almost every new film. With Queen Amidala, it was an embarrassment of riches. Between Episodes I and II, Hasbro was in Padme variant overdrive.

This particular figure doesn’t do much, since her dress is plastic and not cloth. Honestly it’s for the best, because I don’t think a soft goods outfit would look as good at this scale. There’s a depth of detail and varying texture that’s really amazing. As I was photographing it, I was taken by the vibrant golds. Hard to believe this is almost a twenty year old toy.

One thought on “Queen Amidala Coruscant (1999)

  1. The one thing the modern movies are missing are these types of costumes and colors. The prequels took chances, even if some didn’t work. The modern film designs seem like they are pure marketing creations designed to be bland so they can’t fail. But, that means they can’t be awesome, either.


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