Princess Leia Organa: Boushh Disguise (1983)

I picked up Leia Boushh for the first time via a childhood trade, and was totally jazzed about having it. I hadn’t seen Jedi in the theater when this figure hit my hot little hands, and I’d spoiled myself via the Marvel comic and the novelization, so the Leia reveal wasn’t a big deal anyway. Imagine if major plot points were revealed via action figures in the modern films. Oh, the outcry!

Leia Boushh became my default Leia action figure in 1983, supplanting the Hoth version that had been my go-to for the character since the Empire Strikes Back. I simply left the Boushh helmet off, and she was off on further post-Jedi adventures. Speaking of the name, should it be pronounced “bowsh” or “boosh?” I’ve always said boosh.

This figure to me is a great example of Kenner’s improvements in film-accurate representation of characters. Compare this figure to an original Luke, Han or Leia and you’ll find some pretty intricate costume details translated to the toy. Also the body position is more naturalistic, and without sounding too artsy-fartsy, Leia is sporting a classical contraposto pose.

One thought on “Princess Leia Organa: Boushh Disguise (1983)

  1. I never had this figure as a kid (had moved on to GIJoe by then), but I thought Boushh was awesome! Leia, sure, but with the helmet, she was all bounty hunter threatening Jabba the Hutt with a grenade. I got one of the newer figures a few years ago but my fascination has lessened. Still, this figure is one of Kenner’s best.


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