Anakin Skywalker (1999)

Its Father’s Day here in the US, and that presents me with an opportunity to do a themed post. I’m a sucker for themed posts. It’s a weakness, I know.

What better character to talk about on Dad’s day than Star Wars’ most important dad, and a figure that brings the uncool dad concept to our favorite toy line? The only way this Anakin would be better is if he had black socks with sneakers under his Jedi robes.

Old Anakin is not a bad figure, he’s just a little plain. Based on the classic mail-in and Power of the Force Anakin, the elder Skywalker is a what-if representation of the character. I’ve always though this was an interesting concept, and although actor Sebastian Shaw was later replaced in his Force ghost role by Hayden Christiansen, I still hold this as a nice homage to the vintage line.

Since this figure was released in 1999, the designers had no idea what sort of lightsaber Anakin was going to wield later in the trilogy. I suppose it stands to reason they would include Obi-Wan’s saber, as one would have assumed a Padawan would be influenced by his master. Along the same lines, Anakin is wearing the same boots as the POTF Obi-Wan.

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