Nien Nunb (2015)

So how does one pronounce the name? Is it said like the number nine, or neen–maybe nyen? Nobody says it in the movies, so it’s a mystery. I’ve always been partial to ‘nyen,’ but I’m willing to go with ‘nine’ after finding out about Ten Nunb. For all I know, there was a Levin Nunb lurking out in the depths of the EU.

Nien returned to the Star Wars saga in The Force Awakens, and I was glad to see the guy back. He was one of my favorite new characters from Return of the Jedi, and his original Kenner figure spent lots of time hanging in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon after 1983.

The figure encompasses what I really like about the newer Star Wars releases, despite the lack of extensive articulation. This is a very accurate representation of the film design of the character, unencumbered by ball joints and cut points. Nien Nunb is sculpted in a neutral yet natural stance, and he’s able to be easily placed into vehicles. He’s not stock still or pre-posed into uselessness. The same can’t be said for older series of Star Wars figures (looking at you, Episode II Saga).

Being a Force Awakens release, he came equipped with a build-a-weapon part. This clawed backpack isn’t as pointless as other parts, as he can at least wear it, and with a bit of imagination one can see it as a jet pack. He’s also sporting a unique pistol. A small accessory, but I think the individualised weapons are still one of the strong points of Hasbro’s lines. The only things lacking are a holster, and an X-Wing helmet would also have been nice.

One thought on “Nien Nunb (2015)

  1. Never saw this figure, but since he’s so similar to his ’83 look, my Kenner version stands in. Nien wasn’t much noticed in our house until watching the Bad Lip Reading of “ROTJ”. Then he and Lando became superstars!


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