Obi-Wan Kenobi (2007 Comic Pack)

The keyword for this Obi-Wan figure is unique. Based on his appearance in issue 55 of the Republic comic series, Kenobi is also useful as an Episode II representation. He’s rocking the Attack of the Clones era mullet, to be sure. Most of the AOTC figures from the initial 2002 series depicted him sans cloak, I was disappointed that the only cloaked figure was a soft goods type.

Back to the uniqueness of the figure. I can’t recall too many Jedi figures that have incorporated soft goods along with plastic robes. The result I think gives the best of both worlds, particularly when it comes to a balance of screen accuracy and poseability. While soft goods outer cloaks sound like a good idea, the execution is often problematic. Clothes just don’t scale well at 4 inches, and so I’ve always preferred plastic. However, the same material used as a skirt-like element restricts movement. The best compromise is to switch the two, which is the case here.

Obi-wan also comes with an alternate head, certainly a unique feature. The head is a Sith torture mask, used to dampen Jedi powers by keeping them from concentrating. Although Kenobi wasn’t subjected to the mask in the comic issue included in the package, it did make an appearance later in the series.

2 thoughts on “Obi-Wan Kenobi (2007 Comic Pack)

  1. This is a good figure from the most amazing era of Hasbro Star Wars releases. IIRC, he came with a really well done ARC Trooper, too. I found mine at clearance at Target one weird day where they had tons of newly released toys on clearance.


  2. That is one weird head that I’ve never seen before. I seriously thought you’d whipped a Ninja Viper head on him or something! The plastic robes work well on this figure, but the elbows & lower arms look a bit odd. Like fully articulated versions of Chewbacca. The sculpt is made to show cloth (or fur) falling a certain direction, and when you bend the elbow it doesn’t look quite right.


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