Moroff (2016)

What would a Star Wars toy line be without a selection of weird aliens? While Rogue One didn’t have a signature scene like the original Star Wars’ cantina, Jabba’s palace or Maz’s castle, the rebel forces and Saw Guerrera’s crew had their share of otherworldly creatures. Not since Return of the Jedi had we seen the good guys populated with so many new aliens.

Moroff was part of the Rogue One two-pack series, and came alongside an Imperial Scarif stormtrooper squad leader. The Rebel/Imperial packs were a great idea, giving kids a little battle in a box. The figure is a great value, as it’s a huge chunk of plastic for the money. Along the lines of big figs offered over the years like Hermi Odle and Ephant Mon, I’m surprised this guy made it into the same price point pack as much smaller toys. As much as some folks like to poo-poo Hasbro in comparison to the glory years of 2007-2012, I think there are gems to be found these days. If you’re a creature freak, you can’t go wrong with Moroff.

Ginormous accessories with action features are often loathed by collector types, but I really dig the dual missile launchers here. They fit the large size character well, and the fit and finish look just right. This is one extra that doesn’t look tacked on at all.

2 thoughts on “Moroff (2016)

  1. This was such a wasted character. I do think the Rebels who invaded Scarif should have remained the Saw’s gang survivors. I can’t really complain with how the final scenes played out on screen. But, you could have replaced Pao with Moroff and not really lost anything.

    I hope we someday see the Scarif battle as it was originally shot with Moroff and the others. While I’m sure the problems would become evident, it would be cool to see this character in action.


    1. I didn’t know that about the Scarif battle! It would’ve given an edge of revenge and added desperation. Moroff is a good figure. Since he can one-arm a heavy repeating blaster, I don’t need much articulation. I love that they scuplted the launcher as his fairly screen-accurate backpack, and the launchers are removable. It would’ve been cool if they’d made an Imperial officer to pack him with, since I’d like more Scarif stormtroopers, but I’m not going to army-build Moroff.


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