Star Wars SSP Vans in Kenner Catalog

The Star Wars SSP vans encompass two distinctly 70s fads, the custom van and zip-cord toy car. Well, make that three with Star Wars itself. I had one of these, along with a fantastic Evel Knievel stunt set. Both got a lot of play in the kitchen back in the day. These things didn’t perform too well on shag carpeting.

The print catalogs once distributed at Toy Fair and to retailers are fantastic relics and often provide a peek at conceptual or prototype designs of the toys we know. I’m just glad to get nice clear shots of them, thanks to the wonders of the internet.

As much as I dig the concept and the van side graphics, I’m a much bigger fan of the MPC model kits that incorporated custom sunroof type Star Wars themed windows. Brilliantly kitschy stuff that I think is sorely missing nowadays. The closest we get with new product are the Hot Wheels character cars and carships.

Kenner SW SSP Vans

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One thought on “Star Wars SSP Vans in Kenner Catalog

  1. I like the graphics on these vans, but I wonder how big they were. If they were too big for Hot Wheels but too small for 3 3/4″ figures, they would’ve been sidelined like all my other off-scale toys. Unless I could pry off the sunroof to stick a figure’s legs in!


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