Ric Olie Mountain Dew Can (1999)

You just can’t overstate how saturated the market was with Episode I product back in 1999. PepsiCo, with its snack and fast food empire of Frito Lay and Kentucky Fried Pizza Bell, was flush with Star Wars tie-ins. As crazy as some of the fast food premiums were, I don’t think they hold a candle to the breadth of deep character choices provided by the Pepsi brand’s soda cans.

Alongside the expected big names like Anakin, Obi-Wan and Artoo were lesser knowns like Boss Nass, Nute Gunray and Captain Panaka. Of course my weird tastes tend to appreciate an almost-background guy like Ric Olie. Who can forget iconic lines like “That little droid did it; he bypassed the main power drive!” or “Deflector shields up at maximum!” I sure can’t. This kind of overtly descriptive dialogue is only surpassed by main characters in Episode II, when Yoda asserted “Around the survivors a perimeter create!” and Mace Windu later declared “Pilot, land in that assembly area!” I love the prequels. And I love deep cut character Pepsi cans.

3 thoughts on “Ric Olie Mountain Dew Can (1999)

  1. I seem to recall that the original plan was for Ric Ollie to be a much more important character in Ep I. But, the actor couldn’t pull it off and his role was reduced. But, the merchandise was made and we now have wonderful nostalgia like this.


  2. Look, everyone is going to collect Anakin or Padme cans. But Ric Olie?. THIS is true collecting! Side note: the Episode I marketing blitz was global. I was out of the country, and prominently displayed SW posters pulled me into a Pizza Hut. I kept the greasy paper tray placemat for years!


  3. A. Nonymous

    Ric was played by the same actor as “Aaron 85” from Alien 3, Ralph Brown. He has expressed some amusingly unkind opinions about the difficulties of working with Sigourney Weaver (or at least Sigourney Weaver circa 1991-1992).


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