Lumpy (son of Chewbacca) Cardback

It’s Life Day, True Believers, and what better way to celebrate the Wookieest of holidays with one the coolest Star Wars Holiday Special related items this side of Kashyyk? Artist and writer extraordinaire Tim Baron created a custom carded bootleg of Chewie’s favorite son Lumpy a while back. While I missed out on the figure, I was able to secure a cardback. Being a packaging nut, I think the unused backer art in full is a joy in itself.

I can’t argue with the nostalgia thrill the Kenner Star Wars cardbacks evoke, and Tim’s design brings that out while adding his own unique touch. I can’t imagine it’s easy to find high-res photo reference for the Holiday Special characters, so a painted version of Lumpy makes perfect sense. Just look at that face. How can you not love it? The whole design is spot-on, right down to the item and assortment numbers and Proof of Purchase–I mean Radness—seal. Wonderful stuff.

The reverse side of the card features a promo for a limited Bea Arthur figure, available only via a mail-in offer. I better get on this before time runs out! Oh wait, it’s not real. Dang it! Come on, Tim, you’ve whey our appetite, now you’ve got to make with an actual Bea Arthur figure. Remember, you can always repurpose the mold for a Golden Girls bootleg.

For more radness, visit Tim Baron’s website at

One thought on “Lumpy (son of Chewbacca) Cardback

  1. Scot

    For what they were, the odd characters created for the Holiday Special have charm. It wouldn’t have been canon, but had the Wookies spoken English, that could been a sitcom. And didn’t ReAction make Golden Girls figures? That Bea Arthur figure is a custom waiting to happen!


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