Yoda Wallet

As a young Padawan I carried a wallet, though my first came a few years later. Rather than a shiny plastic affair, it was nylon, emblazoned with 80s era graffiti art, and fastened with Velcro. There was nothing cooler than to hit the 7-11 to pay for a sandwich and some comics and hear that sweet rrrrrip of the patented hook-and-eye miracle material. Yes, Ladies, I’m single–was the Velcro wallet clarion call. What could be more impressive? Plastic Yoda Wallet.

Where do you think Yoda stashed his Republic credits back in the good old days? I like to think he secreted this sweet baby in his back tunic pocket. I’m sure the Jedi Temple vending machines took the money that jingles as well as the kind that folds, and thankfully this bright red beast has him covered in both respects.

Back in the 90s, I picked up anything and everything Star Wars, no matter how inane. Witness the totes upon totes of POTF2 merchandise, as well as Bend-Ems and QVC exclusive tchotchkes that inhabit my home. If I hadn’t spent my dough on all that stuff I probably would have a lot of disposable cash to stuff into the Yoda Wallet. As it stands, the red beast is as empty as Beggar’s Canyon.

2 thoughts on “Yoda Wallet

  1. I love it! And you weren’t alone throwing money away on 90s Star Wars stuff. I’ve got a pencil bag with this same Yoda image. I was always a little bummed that the stock art of Yoda they used on EVERY piece of merch was “old beggar” versus “cute muppet”. But, hey, it’s Yoda!


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