Expanded Universe Airspeeder (1997)

I'm amazed that the 90s Star Wars series started dipping into pre-production sources for inspiration so early in its life. The Airspeeder is based on designs by Ralph McQuarrie, and the toy is a bear-perfect representation of its two-dimensional counterpart. The lines and deco are pure McQuarrie, and one can spot the future Snowspeeder throughout …

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Captivating Cover: Marvel Issue #42

From the Empire Strikes Back adaptation comes a funktastic four color interpretation of three of the baddest bounty hunters. Now, this group isn't exactly my top three, but it's close. The only substitution I would make is IG-88 for Dengar. But hey, you can't have everything. Iggy would have thrown off the composition anyway, since …

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Mon Calamari Officer (2000)

Return of the Jedi ramped up the Star Wars data's already impressive creature quotient. Beginning with Jabba's palace, itself a souped-up segment of intergalactic weirdos in the vein of the Cantina Scene, even later scenes piled on new and different beings. The rebels saw their previously human ranks bolstered by the likes of Nien Nunb, …

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Captivating Cover: Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu

Now that's a mouthful! All of the Lando novels had wonderfully pulpy titles, and covers illustrations to match. I recall being enthralled by them the first time I spotted the books at the local TG&Y back in 1983. I didn't buy and read them until my teenage years, and I did enjoy the further adventures …

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Darth Vader Collector Glass (1980 Burger King)

If I didn't know better, I'd call this Darth Vader glass the Boba Fett glass. The infamous bounty hunter seems to loom as large as the dark lord himself in the foreground of this Burger King collector glass. Fett is mentioned in the copy on the reverse side, along with some basic plot points from …

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